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Fee charges have been set affordable carefully so that everyone can learn himself and can easily provide Holy Quran education to his children and family members. However, the question of the fee remains a questionable issue. Therefore, Iqraa Online Academy considers it our responsibility to answer all your queries.

First of all, the fee charges cover the video and audio streaming costs, server costs, and several development costs. Iqraa Online academy also hires only the certified, qualified, and experienced teachers and has to pay the tutor salaries. These payments enable us to connect you, and the tutor in a purpose built classroom for Quran learning and to provide the quality technical services for effective learning.

A primary reason for why we ask for a fee is that people tend to take the free things for granted and not pay the vital attention. On the other hand, having paid for something makes individuals more obliged to work hard, show seriousness and make the experience more valuable. Therefore, fees are an important aspect to make the entire learning process meaningful and fruitful for the students.

* Holidays (We only take holidays on Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha as per our schedule subject to moon sightings)
* All fees listed below are on monthly basis.
*Fees for students living in other countries is equivalent to US Dollar.
*Lecture durations, week days and time durations are not fixed. These are changeable upon students request.

*Fees for Islamic courses is adjustable for some students. Please register, We would try our best to manage accordingly.


Package 1

$60/ Month

Package 2

$80/ Month


Package 1

€50/ Month

Package 2

€70/ Month


Package 1

£40/ Month

Package 2

£55/ Month

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