Online Quran reading classes for sisters and daughters with expert female Quran scholars

Islam has broken stereotypes between both genders and gives them equal rights. No one is superior to Allah, except the one who practices Taqwa. All human beings are equally valuable to give value and respect. No doubt, women are an integral part of society. Our generations are raised under their supervision. That’s why every woman must be aware of her status mentioned in the Quran and Hadith. We should not be ignorant of teaching our daughters and sisters.

How online Quran academies ensure the safety of your daughters and sisters?

There are many trustworthy online Quran reading academies that have expert female Quran teachers to provide high-quality Deeni Ilm according to directions mentioned in the Quran. The parents are highly overprotective about their daughters. They always want a trustworthy and experienced tutor to teach their daughters and sisters. Nowadays, even Islamic educational institutes are not safe for our sisters and daughters. For this reason, online classes are totally safe and secure. The females can comfortably take online classes from home. The female teachers are friendly to discuss issues.

Female tutors are equally competent as male tutors:

My 6 years old daughter is my world. I always want to get the best thing for her. To teach her Islamic values and education I relied on an online Quran teaching platform. I preferably selected an online female Quran tutor to teach my daughter Quran with Tajweed. There is no hesitation to say that she is parallel with male teachers in terms of education, experience, and teaching style. I strongly believe in gender equality and I always appreciate females in every field of life. The tutor of my daughter was a certified Alima from Al-Azhar University, Egypt.

Her professional teaching style bespoke her abilities. She is both gentle and strict according to the situation and I never interfere in her teaching style. There are very few teachers who move with the pace of students and she is one of them. I agree that all the students are not equally mentally equal to perceive things but it is the responsibility of a teacher to monitor things. I am glad that she is doing her duty faithfully. She is regular, persistent, and determined to perform her tasks.

The expert online female Quran tutor preferred Noorani Qaida to teach the basic Arabic language. She is used to giving an example from the daily routine to teach the lessons effectively. She worked hard to make my daughter a veteran to identify the alphabet. Moreover, she taught Tajweed rules to my daughter to recite the Quran eloquently.

The one-on-one session through Skype is perfect to pay attention to an individual student during 30 minutes of class. The tutor was an expert to pick her mistakes that helped my daughter to overcome the shortcomings in a small duration of time. Alhumdulillah, my daughter is able to recite the Quran with correct pronunciation and fluently. I want to thanks this online Quran reading academy for exceptional efforts for teaching the Quran to my daughter and making her a true believer of Islam.

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