Online Quran classes in corona – Stay Home – Stay Safe

After the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, it started affected multiple countries across the world. On 9th January 2020, a 35 years old woman was reported positive with coronavirus in Washington. Since then the number of positive cases is increasing day by day. The situation is deteriorating every day. I have been living in the USA since my childhood. I have not seen anything worst than coronavirus. Trump announced a lockdown in all states of the USA. As the condition is not getting better, Trump has extended this lockdown till 30th April.

Theses quarantine days are very tough and lazy at the same time. I have two kids, a son and a daughter. Their schools are closed and there is nothing special to do. The gatherings in mosques and madrassah are also prohibited. In this panic situation, I want to spend quality time with my kids. The boredom has stuck everyone. It is a torment for all human beings. In this pandemic situation, we must pray to Allah to forgive our sins and show us a righteous path. We should keep on reciting the Holy Quran that is guidance for Ummah. That’s why I decided to go for the online Quran learning for kids.

Best platform for your kids:

I always wanted to take online classes from home because it was never easy for me to take both of them to madrassah to get Islamic education. My friend suggested me a reliable online platform for online Quran classes. I called them and get all the details. They are providing spectacular services at extremely affordable rates. Even deserving students can get scholarships too. They have specialized online Quran courses like Translation, Recitation, Learning, Tajweed, Memorization, and any others for students. I opted online Quran learning course because I want to teach Islamic education from a basic level to my kids.


The flexibility of time table:

The next day, they provided me with an online Quran teacher for trial sessions. The teacher is well-qualified and has full command of the subject. I discussed the preferable schedule for online Quran classes. I am glad that I am free from the restriction of timings. Now my kids can take online classes when they have free time. I decided 4:00 pm to for classes. On the next day, the teacher was already there before connecting him through Skype. I am really impressed with his punctuality.

The qualified Quran teachers are concerned about the progress of students:

The most satisfactory part is that I can monitor my kids all the time while taking classes. The teacher is an expert and has experience in teaching Quran for more than 20 years. He focuses on weak areas and actually works for it. He keeps check and balance by taking short tests from previous lessons. This activity not only revises the previous lessons but also enhances the learning skills of students. They are conducting online Quran classes for every age so even my grandparents can take it too.


Effective teaching method:

The teacher keeps on repeating rules and methods for correct orthoepy of words. He is strict when he thinks kids are not paying attention and very flexible at the same time. I think this is a quality of an experienced and dedicated teacher. The online Quran teacher uses traditional and modern learning techniques and methods to make this process more effective and interesting. He gives examples from daily routine while teaching the lessons. I can measure a visible difference in the learning skills of my kids after taking online Quran classes. They have become fluent in reciting the Holy Quran.

Make your kids a true Muslim:

Raising your kids in a non-Muslim state is a difficult job. There is no one to show them the right path selected by Allah for all human beings. Even schools only teach worldly knowledge. It is the responsibility of parents to make their kids a true believer of Islam. The online Quran learning for kids is providing exceptional services to infuse a holy spirit in kids. Alhamdulillah, my kids have started offering namaz regularly. My kids have also learned short duas, surahs, and kalmias. All the credit goes to their online Quran teacher.

Online Quran classes for every age group or gender:

My mother-in-law has also selected an online Quran course of Translation to understand the teachings of Allah Almighty. She is also taking classes from home. The teacher teaches students according to their age and mental capabilities. It has become very easy for her to understand the Arabic language because the teaching method is efficacious. The online Quran classes for every age have overcome the barrier to learn Quran at any age whether you are young or old, rich or poor, man or woman, white or black. I highly encourage their efforts to teach the Quran in this situation of catastrophe.

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